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We develop scientific learning plans which combine intensive and extensive reading.

The learning plans are designed based on the theory proposed by the world-famous linguist Paul Nation, which suggests that the combination of meaning-focused input and fluency development can significantly improve learners' English reading skills.


The learning contents are crafted by a professional team.

The research team is comprised of content developers who graduate from world-famous universities, including Cambridge, the University of Chicago, Columbia University and the University of Edinburgh. They create contents of high quality and make sure learners acquire what they need to learn.


Our reading materials are copyrighted, authentic and varied.

News Articles:We provide learners with a high-quality article on a daily basis, which is selected from the world's top media outlets including The Economist, The New York Times and The Guardian. Topics are richly varied, covering areas such as economy, science, entertainment and breaking news.

Books: We provide a broad selection of more than 70 copyrighted novels ranging from classics to popular works, including Le Petit Prince, Little Women, Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, Flipped and One Day. Learners can choose whatever they want and read whenever they can.


We build an online learning community to help learners persevere with their lessons.

Outstanding learners share their methods and reading notes.
Supervisors in learning groups organize learning activities.
Teachers from the content development team answer questions through live streaming.


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    University student
    When I use Liuli Reading, I never get tired of learning — on the contrary, learning seems like fun. I memorized what was taught every day but didn't see immediate improvement. At first I comforted myself, "It's OK. It's good enough to develop the habit of learning every day." But later when I was taking the CET6 (the College English Test) writing test, it turned out that I didn't even need to use the writing templates I had prepared. The techniques and expressions I learned from Liuliyuedu poured from my pen and I wrote very smoothly. I was shocked when the test score came out. That was the first time that I achieved success without extra effort. Thank you so much!
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    White-collar worker
    I used to think that learning English simply means memorizing vocabulary. But even with a lot of words under my belt, I still stuttered when I tried to introduce a movie to my foreign colleagues. This course helped me realize that my problem is not about vocabulary, but about how to use them. I listened to Liuli Reading's course and often found out that "Wow! This word can be used like that! I can use this sentence to talk about movies!"
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    Student preparing for IELTS
    I sincerely recommend this course to all of you who are preparing for IELTS. The course talks about the kinds of issues that would appear in the IELTS test. You could learn a lot from the articles' comments on trending topics. You could even incorporate these ideas when you are doing your IELTS speaking or writing test — that would be a huge plus! I've been taking this course for more than seventy days and I'm going to subscribe for another year.