Systematic and Advanced Course

The course is tailored to the various needs of 3-12-year-olds, adapting to their rapidly developing cognitive abilities and changing interests.


North American "Star" Foreign AI Teachers

The course platform and AI system is based on the performance of top-tier North American teachers. Lessons are fun, interesting, and give students standard, native English language input during their foundational learning period.

A Wide Selection of Quality Learning Resources

The platform continuously provides high quality, original learning content and engages students with high quality original characters and stories in order to provide your child with a creative and rich learning experience.


Engaging Contextualized Learning

Classes use familiar yet imaginative contexts to provide students with a natural envi- ronment to practice language yet also keep them engaged and inspired. They can improve their English ability while also sparking their curiosity and exercising their creativity.

"Smart" Interactive Exercises

Our app uses interdisciplinary, cutting-edge AI technology in implementing our practice system, such as speech-correction and personalized learning and assessment to help students improve their abilities, master the learning content, focus on areas of improvement, and guarantee well-rounded development.


Parents' Feedback

Recommendation from Past Users

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    8yrs old, studied for 128 days
    I have studied along with my child, and I watch her often copy and remember words using Phonics, and I have slowly realized she can spell simple words on her own and feels so proud of herself.
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    5yrs old, studied for 199 days
    Recently, I've seen such a quick change in my child. Whenever he sees a picture of an animal, he will say the English word, like "monkey,""zebra." Sometimes he suddenly speaks English. In the morning he will even say "Good morning!" to me.
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    4yrs old, studied for 86 days
    Now my child is 4 years old, and when she sees some simple objects, she will say them out in English, like when we go outside to play and she sees a small bike, she might say, "blue bike." Her accent isn't bad, and she speaks with good English rhythm.

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